When we were approached by Mealthy in summer 2017 they were just beginning manufacturing research on their first product, the Mealthy Multipot. They were looking for an app team to bring their idea for a companion recipe app to life. We began working closely with Mealthy's existing web and marketing teams and by that winter we had launched the first version of Mealthy in the App Store.

Using the momentum from the initial launch, our goal became to make the Mealthy app an essential part of your meal preparation. In 2018 and 2019 we added several features including meal planning, an offline grocery list, and delivery services. With these we were able to boost user engagement beyond just recipe inspiration.


We couldn’t have launched and grown our mobile product without the design and engineering leadership of the team at Punch.

Tiana Dragos, Head of Digital Product at Mealthy




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